Character Creation

Shadowrun, 4th edition.

Characters are built using 500 karma points:

Start with a 1 in every attribute, and no skills.
200 karma points to spend on attributes.
200 karma points to spend on skills.
100 karma points wild (attributes, skills, qualities, contacts).

Money is glossed over, don’t spend any karma on it and start with what’s appropriate for your character (talk to me if you’re gear intensive).

Qualities cost their BP cost x 2 (prices are listed in karma on the wiki), many SR qualities don’t make sense in this setting. Any Cyberware is a special quality, figure out what you want and we’ll discuss it.

For Contacts, spend 1-3 karma points depending on how solid of a relationship you’d like to have with them.

Everyone gets 4 knowledge skills at 4, you can improve those normally.

Character Creation

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